Map Objects

To add objects to your map, you will first need to define an object type. In the project window, right-click on Objects and select New Object…

Objects can have a position in the map and a width and height (in map cells). If MultipleObjectsInsteadOfArea is true, when you make an object larger than 1×1 cell, it will become multiple objects of 1×1 instead of one object of that size.

The DisplayColor is just the color you want to see in your map to recognize the object type.

To add an object to your map, hold down Ctrl and left-click at the position you want to add it (and drag to set the desired size if necessary). Then you can set the object’s properties in the properties window.

To select an existing object from the map, use Ctrl and press the right mouse button. To delete an object, use Ctrl and press the middle mouse button.

You can show or hide the objects in a map by pressing Ctrl+J.

Objects do not belong to any layer but to the map itself.

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