Pixel Editor

With the pixel editor you can edit areas of the bitmap. You will need to have created a palette in order to select a color.

There are currently 4 drawing tools: Pencil, Rectangle, Oval and Fill.

As with most components of Tile Studio II, you can use the left mouse button to draw and the right mouse button to pick up a color, so there is no separate color picker tool.

There is also no eraser tool, to erase, pick up the transparent color from somewhere in your drawing (or select it at the bottom left of the palette window) and simply draw with the transparent color.

If you hold down Ctrl or Alt while drawing, you can make the pixels darker or lighter (shifting them left or right in the palette), this also works for the rectangle and oval tool.

In the Tile menu you can select Horizontal Symmetry (Ctrl+Shift+H) and / or Vertical Symmetry (Ctrl+Shift+V) to automatically draw in symmetry:

Indie and Pro version only:
You can also easily draw blobs by using the middle mouse button. Press the middle mouse button to start a blob. You can change it’s size using the mouse scroll wheel. Hold shift down to let it mix with other blobs. You can set a light angle by moving the mouse and pressing the middle mouse button again. Finally, press the left mouse button to place the blob or the right mouse button to cancel.

There are several actions you can do while editing a tile, which you can find in the Tile menu, such as gradient fills, rotating or flipping, and moving the pixels.

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