To create a new map, right-click on Maps in the project window and select New Map…

Tile Width and Height should be the same as that of your tilesheet. However, you can now also use double size in your maps, like 16×16 for 8×8 tiles.

The map works like other components in Tile Studio II, you can use the left mouse button to place the selected tile(s) from your tilesheet and use the right mouse button to select a new tile from the map.

You can make a selection in the map by holding down Shift and dragging with the mouse.

Once you have a selection, you can use Ctrl+F to fill it with the current tile. With multiple tiles you can use Ctrl+Shift+F to stretch fill. You can also do Flip / Rotate or Move Tiles from the Maps menu.

The following is only available in the Pro version:

You can also recolor any area on your maps. This is done by using a palette offset shift (within one gradient) or a gradient shift.

When you have selected an area in your map, you can recolor it by using the + and keys (lighter, darker, add Shift for fine tuning) and Ctrl++ and Ctrl+ to change the gradient. Then you can also copy a color with Shift+/ and paste it with / and finally you can reset the color with *.

You can also recolor an entire layer by using the ColorTransform property in the layer’s properties. That way you can multiply all color values with a color and then add a second color to the result.

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